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A lawsuit claiming Pace Gallery’s abuse of power over Agnes Martin Market is discarded

There has been a new lawsuit that was filed in a court against the Pace Gallery over alleged abuse of power. According to the lawsuit reported by artnet, Pace Gallery is taking advantage of the power it has. This lawsuit was also against a specialist in abstract painter Agnes Martin. The lawsuit is known to have been filed by a disgruntled dealer who was not happy with how Pace Gallery is dealing with the situation.

For the second time running, such a lawsuit has been shut down by the judge. The name of this dealer is also revealed and it is James Mayor Gallery who has filed this claim. This lawsuit was aimed at high profile art leaders such as Arne Glimcher who is the founder of Pace Gallery as well as Marc Glimcher and Tiffany Bell who is the editor of Agnes Martin catalogue.

Last year, a similar lawsuit was filed which claimed that the defendants “unlawfully declared that thirteen authentic Agnes Martin artworks are fakes, resulting in a loss to The Mayor Gallery LTD of more than $7 million.”

However, the Judge has written that there were no new evidences given by Mayor this time around in this new lawsuit. While shutting down this new lawsuit claim by Mayor, the judge told that Mayor “did not assert new facts”

Aaron Richard Golub who is the attorney for the defendants said that “They brought this lawsuit twice” and he added that “The judge gave them every opportunity in the world to make every claim under the sun, which they did. They personally sued Marc and Arne and it was a baseless, mean-spirited lawsuit. In the main, it was all about the rights of catalogue raisonne committees.”. He also claimed that “The art world as it exists today needs to have works that are validated. Otherwise, the collector is at the mercy of the vagaries of what can happen illegally.”