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After the profits from $50M M. Rothko Sale, SFMOMA purchases 11 works to diversify the collection

San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art has announced an acquisition of 11 works by 10 artists as it is currently having an initiative to fill historical gaps and diversify its holdings. Now, these works have been purchased thanks to the profits from a recent $50.1 million sale of Mark Rothko’s Untitled at Sotheby’s in New York from May as SFChronical reports.

These new works are collected from artists such as Rebecca Belmore, Forrest Bess, Frank Bowling, Leonora Carrington, Lygia Clark, Norman Lewis, Barry McGee, Kay Sage, Alma Thomas, and Mickalene Thomas.

This words will be kept on view at the Museum in August and among these works, there is also Thomas’s portrait of a transgender woman named Qusuquzah, Qusuquzah, une très belle négresse 1 (2011). Among other works, the collection also includes Elder Sun Benjamin(2018) which is Bowling’s monumental painting as well as Tarpaulin No. 1 (2018) from Belmore’s ceramic sculpture.

Gary Garrels who is the senior curator of painting and sculpture at SFMOMA said that “The acquisition of these works, and many more to come, will enable the museum to better and more fully represent the art for our time and bring a much richer array of artists’ voices into the museum,” 

Here is the full list of the 11 works that were acquired by the Museum along with their artists:

Tarpaulin No. 1 (2018) by Rebecca Belmore
Seascape with Star (n.d.) by Forrest Bess
Elder Sun Benjamin (2018) by Frank Bowling
The Kitchen Garden on the Eyot (1946) by Leonora Carrington
Estudo para Bicho Pássaro do Espaço (maquette) (1960) and Bicho Pássaro do Espaço (1960) by Lygia Clark
Twilight (1956) by Norman Lewis
Untitled (ca. 1993) by Barry McGee
Midnight Street (1944) by Kay Sage
Cumulus (1972) by Alma Thomas
Qusuquzah, une très belle négresse 1 (2011) by Mickalene Thomas

On asking how much of the funds were used in the acquisition of these works, SFMOMA said that “This is just the beginning of what we will be able to accomplish with this fund”