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Alba Folcio: A Symphony of Art, Silence, and Endless Exploration

Born in the vibrant city of Milan in 1956, Alba Folcio regards her hometown not just as a birthplace but as a source of cultural inspiration, encounters, and memories that have shaped her artistic journey. Her academic foundation was laid at the State University, where she earned her degree in literature in 1980. Subsequently, she immersed herself in the world of painting and engraving through workshops at the Higher School of Communication and Visual Arts at the historic Castello Sforzesco.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Folcio has also dedicated herself to education, serving as a geography teacher. Her commitment extends to the conceptualization and coordination of workshops and projects, providing her with a unique opportunity to engage with young minds and the local community—a true crucible of life experiences.

Simultaneously, in her private studio-laboratory, Folcio embarked on a more solitary artistic journey. Driven by a deep fascination with the intrinsic qualities of various materials, she explored the realms of metal, earth, paper, color, light, fabrics, and wood. This period of her work is marked by experimentation and the continuous refinement of skills acquired over time.

What sets Folcio’s artistic exploration apart is her willingness to traverse diverse fields, employing a range of materials to create various types of works, including installations, sculptures, engravings, bas-reliefs, and jewelry. This versatility stands as a testament to her constant pursuit of artistic expression and discovery.

Observers of Folcio’s artistic trajectory note the recurrence of themes across different languages and forms. The synthesis of her work can be aptly described as an interplay of energy, love, and beauty—an exploration of the profound and the sublime.

Since 1987, Folcio has been a consistent presence in galleries, public spaces, and, notably, in historical and museum venues of great beauty. These spaces have provided her with a canvas to create installations that not only interact with the physical environment but also engage with the rich tapestry of history. Her works have found a home in numerous private and public collections, reflecting their enduring appeal.

In addition to her visual artistry, Folcio has contributed to the literary realm, publishing art books with the esteemed Pulcinoelefante publisher of Osnago. Her involvement extends beyond the studio and gallery, as she became a member of the Museum of Permanente in Milan in 2018. Further collaboration with the Granata Braghieri Foundation in Imbersago underscores her commitment to the broader artistic community.

To learn more about Alba Folcio’s artistic journey and explore her creations, you can visit her website [], which is set to be updated soon. Her profile at the Museum of Permanente in Milan can be found here, and for insights into her perspectives, check out Emanuela Pirré’s blog here.

Folcio encapsulates her artistic philosophy with a poignant quote from the first page of her diary from the suspended days of 2020: “Art needs Silence to take shape, it needs Silence to touch those who want to see. But it must reach every place like the wind and, like bread, it must be shared to nourish the human need for research and evolution.” In these words, she encapsulates the essence of her artistic journey—a journey that transcends the visual and auditory to touch the very soul of those who experience it.