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Alexander And Bonin Gallery Closes After 28 Years

The Alexander and Bonin Gallery, one of the most iconic mid-size galleries in New York, has closed down after 28 years.

The announcement was made by Carolyn Alexander, one of the two co-founders of the gallery. It came as the confirmation that the gallery had officially shuttered down on 31st December. It also confirmed rumors that the untimely demise of Ted Bonin, the other co-founder, at the age of 65 served as a major factor. Carolyn wrote: “I’ve been in the art world for almost 60 years, first with Marlborough London in the 60s, then in partnership with Brooke Alexander, and finally in partnership with Ted Bonin. His passing last April affected me deeply and I reached the conclusion that it was time to retire.”

The Alexander and Bonin Gallery was founded in 1995 in the SoHo area of New York. Previously, Carolyn Alexander and Ted Bonin had worked under Brooke Alexander. Throughout its life, the gallery kept moving to different locations. From SoHo it moved to Chelsea and then to Tribeca, ultimately coming back to SoHo.

The gallery had been a hub for conceptual artists and a launchpad for artists who have since become renowned names. Some of these names include Mona Hatoum and Emily Jacir. Other names in its roster included Rita McBride, Paul Thek, and Willie Cole. The gallery was a pioneer in bringing European artists to New York. Alexander and Bonin was also at the forefront of hiring Latinx artists when Latinx representation was not prominent in the American art space. The last exhibition at the gallery closed in June last year.