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‘Athletes’ by Andy Warhol goes on auction this November

The most famous works of Andy Warhol from the “Athletes” series are all set to go for auction by Christie’s this November.

Christie’s Auction House is currently in-charge of selling some of the best works in the art collection of late businessman Richard L. Weisman. Many of these works were commissioned by Weisman himself. The money from the sale is expected to go into the charities started by Weisman family.

The most featured artist in Weisman’s collection is Andy Warhol. The works of his “Athletes” series were commissioned by Weisman himself. The objective was to recognize the growing popularity of sports icons and symbolize their impact on mainstream society. The works include a variety of sports icons, each expected to bring a different price in the auction. The most anticipated work is undoubtedly that of Muhammad Ali, which alone could fetch anywhere from $4 to $6 million. Other icons include O. J. Simpson, Dorothy Hamill, Pelé and Chris Evert.

The first set will go for auction on November 13 in a postwar and contemporary sale organized by Christie’s. It will feature the Muhammad Ali portrait and other smaller items like Picasso ceramics that have been on auction since early this year. The remaining items will be auctioned on November 20 in the American Art sale. This would feature the remaining works of Warhol and other works like Harvest Moon and Red Head by Norman Rockwell. The latter are expected to fetch $1-$1.5 million and $600-$800 thousand respectively.

The Weisman family has a long history with the art collection. Frederick and Marcia Weisman were one of the most esteemed art collectors in California in the 20th century. They even featured in a portrait by David Hockney titled American Collectors (1968). Their son Richard started his collection in 1955 with the painting Early Urge by Robert Matta. Other artists in his collection, whose works would also be auctioned, include Roy Lichtenstein, Alberto Giacometti and Peter Beard.