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Archaeologists Discover Lost Ancient Sun Temple In Egypt

In a major discovery, archaeologists have unearthed a sun temple in the city of Abu Ghurab in Egypt.

While Egypt is mostly known for its pyramids – with the Pyramid of Giza being one of the wonders of the world – there are far more archaeological treasures in the country. The sun temple is one of the rarer of these structures. In ancient Egypt, the sun held the position of utmost importance. The sun god Ra was considered the creator of the universe. However, some pharaohs – Egyptian kings – tried to usurp that highest position of reverence. The sun temples were the symbol of these kings asserting their God-like status. Archaeologists have long believed that only six sun temples were ever built.

The first sun temple was discovered in 1898 in Abusir. It was believed to have been built by the pharaoh Nyuserre Ini. At the time, it was believed to have been a single wide structure. However, it was later discovered that another, entirely different structure stood under it. The newly found sun temple is the third one ever found. Archaeologists believe that all sun temples were built in the nearby areas of Abu Ghurab and Abusir.

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The newly discovered sun temple could be dated back to the 25th century BCE, making it one of the most archaeologically significant structures in the world. This sun temple was believed to have been built by pharaoh Nyuserre, who also built many of the pyramids. Apart from the temple, other artifacts unearthed included ancient seals, limestone columns, and ritual jars.