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Are.O” (AFKA- RockstarRican) – The Rising Artist You Should Keep Your Eye On

Hip-hop is often considered a field where you can’t make it big without the support of others. The young artist named Are.O (RockstarRican) is proving everyone wrong.

What really makes this young rapper stand out is his creative wisdom, which is mature for his age, and his invasive style of music. He is masterfully able to depict that by weaving a profound lyrical structure. This probably explains why within a short span of time, his songs have garnered hundreds of thousands of streams across platforms. The hip-hop genre is not known for its diversity; thousands of upcoming artists prefer to copy the style of the established singers instead of daring to experiment. However, the young rapper from Richmond dares. His style of music is unique and does not overlap from the common styles found in hip-hop. By combining his passion and creativity in a focused path, he has found great recognition among his peers and fans alike.
Romique Thompson was born on April 3, 1996, in Richmond, VA. Growing up, he looked up to African-African rappers like Drake, Boosie Badazz and Lil Wayne. Ever since he was a child, he wanted to emulate their success stories – to rise from nothing and reach the top. The first time he was a recording studio was for recording his first song, in 2016. The experience made the artist realize that he needs his own recording studio if he wants to make a career in music. It wasn’t an easy task, but he worked extra jobs and saved money until he could buy the necessary equipment. Finally, he managed to create a mini recording studio in his own bedroom. It is here, since then, where the rapper has created all of his hit numbers.

The first song he recorded in his home studio was “Rock”. He uploaded a snippet on Instagram o share with his few friends. But in no time, his clip went viral and grabbed more than 300k views on the platform. His EP, titled “Extraterrestrial”, garnered more than 150k streams across various streaming platforms. But perhaps he is most well-known for his single “Hot Hot”, whose catchy hook made it an instant favourite among fans. His latest single is “Like This” which further expands his horizon as an artist and allows fans to view his range in music. He is also set to create another single in collaboration with Felie540.

There is no doubt that Are.O (Rocstarrican) is a self-made artist. He creates his own music in his own studio and then releases it on social media. He doesn’t need a music label, producer, or distributor to back him up in his journey. If this sounds inspirational, that’s because it is. For thousands of young people who want to make it big in this industry, this young artist from Richmond is an example. His journey is actually paving the way for the underground rap community to get a break independently. He has proven that just musical fervor and some resourcefulness is enough to make a name even in an industry as fiercely competitive as the hip-hop one.

The genre of hip-hop has stood the test of time precisely because of its flexibility to adapt to changing time. Even as we speak, the genre is undergoing transformations in some corner of the world. Artists like Are.O (Rocstarrican) spearhead this evolution. His music has the flavor and endurance that can find listeners even outside America. In the past few years, hip-hop has become truly global, exchanging ideas with other cultures. The popularity of streaming platforms has contributed a lot to this phenomenon. This young rapper has the potential to be the next big thing in the global hip-hop community. Only time will tell.

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