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Artist Jae Mazor shares his future plans and a new single

In these hard times, music has been one of the brightest escapes. Naturally, it has also been an opportunity for budding artists to shine. Jae Mazor has been doing exactly that.

Based in Miami, Florida, Jae Mazor has been working hard this year. The singer dislikes been cast in one genre. He dabbles with Freestyle, RnB, and Pop, but doesn’t prefer any one genre over others. His goal, according to him, is to present his audience with as many flavors as he could. He makes sure that his compositions are not monotonous but always offer something new to the ears. So far, Mazor has been an independent artist; he hopes to remains that way. He is willing to partner with other labels, but believe that working for a label would ultimately restrict his freedom to experiment with his music. “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”, a quote by Berthold Auerbach, defines what he wishes to give to his audience.

Jae Mazor was born in 1989, a middle child among 5 children. He often attributes his family as his biggest support. His mother was a singer who mainly created Haitian music, while his father was also a singer and a guitar player. Naturally, they passed on that talent to their children. Growing up, Mazor would listen to the records of his mother as well as accompany his parents to the recording studio. When he expressed his ambition to become a singer, it was wholeheartedly supported by his family. To this day, Mazor counts his mother among his greatest musical inspirations.

His family’s background in music meant that Mazor came across a variety of musical genres growing up. Some of the singers who inspired him were Boys II Men, Ray Charles, and Brian McKnight. Soon, he decided to follow their footsteps. With the help of his siblings, Mazor dropped his first-ever single, “Feeling Me” in 2008. The positive feedback he received affirmed his ambition to follow this career. A major turning point in his career was when he got a chance to collaborate with DJ Lead and perform at a major concert in Japan.

This year might have been dull for most people, but it started well for Mazor. The artist dropped a single, Born 2 Luv (a pun on the line “Born To Kill”) earlier this year. It was a piece of freestyle music, with just the right hint of RnB style. Now, he is returning to give his fans another treat. His next single, All through The Night, is produced by DJ SPANX and will release on October 9. He also has an RnB project titled VIBEZ slated to release this fall. But Mazor has no plans to stop with it. He already has a number of projects in his mind, which include EDM, Afrobeat, K-Pop, House Music, and others.

As with his music, Mazor has a concrete philosophy about life. He is a firm believer in “hard work always pay off”.  Like a true showman, Mazor hopes to take people out of their regular lives and send them to a magical escape through his music.

You can find Jae Mazor on Instagram, Twitter or Spotify. Enjoy his music videos on his YouTube channel.