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Artists, Writers and Musicians pay tribute to David Berman at Met Breuer

While some of you might know this but what is currently called Met Breuer was known as Whitney Museum of American Art. In the 1990s, David Berman who was an emerging singer and poet at that time worked as a security guard in the Museum. He used to commute from Hoboken in New Jersey where he also lived. Berman is known to have shared his home with fellow musicians Bob Nastanovich and Stephen Malkmus. This was in the initial stages of their legendary slack-rock group Pavement.

However, David Berman had a tragic death on August 8 after which many artists, musicians and writers gathered at Met Breuer. This was on the street outside Met Breuer building in order to pay respects to Berman. Lance Bangs said “We’re so happy for everyone to get to join together in a place that was so important to David’s life,” addressing the people that had gathered at the place to kickoff the event.

While Berman was not so keen on doing interviews, he did mention in an interview regarding his time at Whitney working as a security guard. He said “Occasionally I meet an artist who had work up in a biennial or group show. I like to tell them, ‘I’ve guarded your work.’ I imagine it might be reassuring. ‘I’ve been looking out for you.’”

An old friend of Berman recalls that “I think one of the things David excelled at was letting us all feel less alone, It’s why this particular moment feels so painful.” He added that the last time he saw Berman when he wanted to say a quick hello to him at his Nashville house. However, he stayed there for six hours chatting about different things with him.