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BEEZY301 steps into his greatness in 2021

A dream is a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. People wake up from dreams with a new perspective on life and a defined purpose. Dreams propel individuals to aspire for higher levels of living, being, and believing in the impossible. America’s most significant business empires and success stories originated from the minds of unconventional visionaries.    

Their inspiration fuels future generations of greatness and invigorates the typical person to never stop dreaming. A dream is like a mental blueprint that includes a psychological puzzle to configure. Less than 10% of people accomplish their goals in life. The distance between dreams and reality is farther than most people imagine.    

The road to success is less traveled and requires an extraordinary amount of effort, capacity for pain, unflinching self-confidence, and panoramic vision. In the world of Hip-Hop, less than 1% of aspiring artists ascend to superstar status and gain access to long-term success.     

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur BEEZY301 is a rare breed in the world of Hip-Hop. BEEZY301, born an Indian American hip-hop artist, brings an unparalleled sound, swag, and mass appeal to the world of Hip-Hop. Indian rappers in 2021 are judged before they utter a single lyric or bar. Indian hip-hop artists possess a hunger and inner drive, which originates from an underdog point of view. BEEZY301’s lyrical content, polarizing stage presence, International appeal, fashion swag, and Championship DNA have received critical acclaim.    

BEEZY301’s music career is currently in overdrive in 2021. His single ‘Drip Drip‘ exploded onto the music scene and garnered high praise and adulation from Warner Music Group. BEEZY301’s track ‘Drip Drip’ caught the attention of online retail giant Fashion Nova. 

Fashion Nova’s marketing team acknowledged BEEZY301’s talent and featured the record on their Instagram story profile. BEEZY301’s relentless pursuit of greatness is driven by a calculated passion for winning. BEEZY301 understands the risk and reward factor in the game of Hip-Hop. BEEZY301 understands his dream and always bets on himself. BEEZY301 and his team are currently releasing several projects in 2021 and partnered with RADIOPUSHERS for targeted monetization platforms. Jonathan P-Wright is a freelance writer for major news media outlets and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS.