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Betti-Sue Hertz appointed as the new director of Columbia University’s Wallach Art Gallery

Columbia University’s Wallach Art Gallery has just announced the appointment of its new director. The new director for this gallery will be Betti-Sue Hertz who will replace Deborah Cullen-Morales. It is also known that Hertz will take up the positions of director and chief curator at the New York-based gallery from September 1. Talking about Deborah, she is known to be hired to lead the Bronx Museum of the Arts last year.

Talking about Hertz, she has been a native of New York City and has also worked in California for the last 20 years. Apart from that, she has taught courses at Stanford University as well as the San Francisco Art Institute. Her most recent appointment was that of working as director of visual arts at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. At the San Diego Museum of Art, Hertz has also served as curator of contemporary art.

Hertz was interviewed by ARTnews on her appointment as director and curator at the Wallach Art Gallery. She revealed that “I think we absolutely need to be part of that ecology and playing a leadership role in the Upper Manhattan community,”

Talking about the upcoming programs at Wallach Art Gallery, she revealed that “Year of Water” is one of them. She added that “What’s exciting about [“Year of Water”] is that it was initiated by the School of the Arts, and it’s a very arts-driven initiative in a university that has so many departments and directions, I think it’s a really bold initiative and certainly I want to be able to partner with the School of the Arts as these kinds of university-wide thematics emerge, as one way of being interdisciplinary and thinking across departments and units.”

She also said that interest in the Wallach Art Gallery brought about by “Posing Modernity” show needs to be maintained