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Boston’s Slave Auction Block Memorial’s proposal withdrawn by Steve Locke

There was a proposal from Steve Locke on organizing Slave Auction Block Memorial in Boston. But it now turns out that Steve has withdrawn his proposal. Artist Steve Locke’s plan to install memorial slave auction block at Faneuil Hall marketplaces is now dropped. This withdrawal is due to the opposition from NAACP on this project deemed as a “public-art” one.

Before slavery was abolished in Boston, the slave auctions were held in Boston outside Faneuil Hall. We know that Steve Locke had also set up a Kickstarter campaign for the purpose of fund-raising for this project. However, he has now said that the Boston branch of NAACP has informed him that they oppose the project. And this is the reason why Mayor J. Walsh of Boston “will most likely not be able to continue his commitment to the project.” 

Steve also revealed that he got a call from the Mayor’s chief of the policy when he was informed that NAACP was opposed to the project. In a statement from Mayor Martin J. Walsh, he said “I thought Steve’s proposal was thoughtful and an important telling of a history that must have more visibility. I was hopeful that a public process would have allowed Steve to provide that context.”

As we mentioned earlier, Steve Locke had set up a Kickstarter campaign for this purpose. This campaign had already raised $45,000 in crowd-sourced funding out of the targeted $150,000 which was planned for the sculpture named Auction Block Memorial. Boston’s Mayor had already shown support for this sculpture as well as the city was to match the $150,000 through Browne Fund for public art.

Now that the campaign has ended as officially announced by Steve Locke and the targeted goals have not been reached, the cards of the people who pledged their support will not be charged.