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Brigid Berlin, close aide of Warhol, dies at 80

Brigid Berlin, one of the closest and most innovative associates of artist Andy Warhol, has died at the age of 80. Vincent Fremont, friend and colleague from Warhol’’s studio, confirmed her death.

Berlin was born in an influential family; her father was the chairman of Hearst Publishing. But Berlin neve liked the elite society, nor her mother’s excessive focus on her weight. She soon rebelled – moved to Manhattan, married an openly gay window dresser, and changed her last name. It was here she met Andy Warhol, beginning decades of association. 

At Andy Warhol’s Factory Berlin played many roles. She was considered Warhol’s closest friend and appeared in many of his movies. She often gave interviews alongside him and even occasionally served as a receptionist at his studio.

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One of Berlin’s self-portraits on polaroid

But Berlin is primarily known for her extensive documentation of the daily life at the Factory. Through written notes, Polaroids and tape recordings, she gave a glimpse into the world of Warhol. Many of these collections were published as “Brigid Berlin: Polaroids” in 2015. In fact, it is also said that it was Berlin who introduced Warhol to Polaroid.