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CAAM To Remain Closed Due To Tropical Storm

Due to heavy rains earlier this month in Los Angeles, the California African American Museum (CAAM) has announced its inability to reopen at the moment.

The museum stated in a release that they need to remain closed until at least October as they assess and address the damage to their building. Consequently, public programs scheduled for September and October at CAAM have been postponed.

Tropical Storm Hilary, which struck California on August 21, caused more disruption than initially anticipated. While it was initially categorized as a hurricane before being downgraded, the storm still brought approximately 5 inches of rainfall to coastal areas and more than double that in mountainous regions. Remarkably, no fatalities were reported in California due to the storm, but it did result in some water intrusion within CAAM’s building.

Recently, CAAM has not been fully accessible to the public. It had begun closing its galleries in August to accommodate a maintenance project, which included installing a new HVAC system and weatherproofing its glass ceilings. CAAM had only recently reopened its doors this month, and it has plans to unveil a new library and conference center in the near future.

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Unfortunately, some exhibitions at CAAM, including “A Movement in Every Direction: Legacies of the Great Migration,” which had just opened this month after successful runs in Jackson, Baltimore, and Brooklyn, would remain closed. However, an exhibition featuring former artist fellows at the Sacatar Institute in Bahia, Brazil, is still on track to open at Art + Practice in mid-September.