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From solitary painter to Chief Creative Officer of a Swiss Holding Company

Chiara was born in 1988 with the gift and passion for art already within herself.

Chiara throughout her life ventured into painting, trying all the techniques from the most classic to the most unusual and modern. Despite her strong vocation, she never found the courage to make the leap that would allow her to turn her passion into a profession.

About 10 years ago, following a very negative event in his life, Chiara realizes that being alive is not something so obvious and that the gift of life should not be taken lightly, follows a period of introspection where she understands that she had been given a second chance, where she understands that she had to do what made her happy and follow her dream without fear but with courage and enthusiasm.

 Thus she began her career as a professional painter at the end of 2014. An extremely uphill road that she travels alone, accompanied only by the strong desire to make herself and her point of view known to the world.

The path is not easy, it is full of doubts and fears, the road is often dark but illuminated by the spike of passion for art, Chiara is new in this world and at the beginning she doesn’t know how to do it but she takes her first steps and begins to get noticed also thanks to the help of social media, immediately realizing how important technology was for art.

Little by little the moments of joy and success are more and more and people notice Chiara’s creations, a base of enthusiasts and collectors is created who find in Chiara a new way of seeing the world and art.

Chiara soon finds herself selling dozens of paintings every year, with the value of her works rising more and more, winning prizes and exhibiting around Europe.

At the end of 2020, after having sold hundreds of paintings and having achieved worldwide fame, she coined a new name to define her style: Bright Expressionism.

This style is the meeting point between Impressionism and Expressionism. Chiara uses the typical freedom of Expressionism to communicate strong emotions and does so with the use of intentionally unrealistic shapes and colors, as typically done in Expressionism; but at the same time, however, she wants to create positive and more joyful emotions than canonical expressionism, even her subjects are more typical of the impressionist vein, that’s why the choice of the word “bright” which really stands to indicate the positivity and vitality typical of style.

Bright Expressionism is accepted and embraced by the art world which continues to collect Chiara’s works, increasing their value.

In January 2022 she opened her Gallery in Scottsdale in Arizona with a gala evening for the grand opening which Chiara attended. On that occasion 35 new paintings were presented focusing on landscapes, but mainly women’s faces and therefore the title of the exhibition is “Bright Women”

At some point Chiara understands that she needs something more, that her creative drive and her propensity to create beauty can be projected and magnified, that her journey as an artist needs a new twist so that she can spread her voice even more and share her visions even more.

Another desire and need of Chiara was not to be so alone in her business, she feels the need to be part of a team of like minded people and work on something even bigger.

While she continues to carry on her name as a painter, to make her collectors happy and to explore her creativity, she starts fantasizing about what could be the best solution to project herself into something bigger where she can expand all her creativity.

Chiara has always been a big lover of art in its most classic sense; it has always been very clear to her how technology had a fundamental role in the promotion of art itself. Chiara’s concept of art is not limited to an artistic object, but to an entire experience! 

Soon Chiara understood she was evolving and that she needed people like her to bring this evolution into the world, to help more and more people enjoy beauty and heal through art, either enhanced in experience or through collecting. All the people that Chiara has made happy over the years with her art, all the collectors who enjoy her works in their homes every day, are the fuel that keeps Chiara going and it is precisely what prompted her to look for the innovation in the artistic field and to always look for new ways to create positive effects in people. 

Like magic, one day the solution arrived! She received the proposal to become the Chief Creative Officer of ART Holding.

Chiara became a partner and shareholder of ART Holding, a company specialized in innovation and deep tech but not only….. and here is the magic part: the proposal arrived from the two founding partners, who not only are brilliant figures in the field of innovation but are also art lovers and connoisseurs and loyal collectors of Chiara’s works.  

They begun collecting Chiara’s works in 2019 and ar still collecting, they took their relationship beyond the point of just painter-collector, friendship and brotherhood came into play and in 2022 they realized they all had the same purpose of creating beautiful effects in people through art and to make them have actual immersive experiences with the help of technology.  Everything clicked, everything made sense, the whole picture was there!  A new level of creativity disclosed for Chiara

ART Holding was created to make people’s lives easier through technology and to bring beauty through art.

A new way of seeing both technology and art where one cannot exist without the other and where Chiara can bring her added value gained over many years of experience in the field of art.

Chiara now has the opportunity to continue her artistic career as a painter and also as the Chief Creative Officer, an expert figure in art who not only deals with art in its broadest application but also deals with showing art as never seen before.

I tell you only one word “ARTiverse”

Keep this in mind because you will soon hear it all over the world! 

The first art gallery where you can see all these technologies applied to art is opening in Lugano, Switzerland.

What can I say, sometimes a dream that seems small and that comes from loneliness and suffering can take you really far, never to take your eyes off the goal and know how to embrace your creativity.