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Climate Activists Stage Protest At MoMA Against Henry Kravis; Arrested

On Friday, climate activists staged a protest at the Museum of Modern Art against Henry Kravis and his wife; subsequently, 16 activists were arrested.

The protestors included climate action groups like Extinction Rebellion and Climate Organizing Hub. This was not the first protest against Henry Kravis and his wife Marie-Josée at MoMA; a similar one happened in June earlier this year. However, what set these protests apart was the usual picketing outside the venue, as opposed to the growing trend of attacking artworks (or pretending to) and then gluing themselves to the location.

On Friday, protestors organized both inside and outside MoMA. Some of them gathered around Refik Anadol’s work in the museum lobby. Most protestors carried signs saying “MOMA DROP KRAVIS” and “HENRY KRAVIS CLIMATE CRIMINAL”. Ultimately, 16 of them were arrested by the police for trespassing and public disturbance.

Laura Esther Wolfson (activist, Extinction Rebellion) said: “We’re disrupting business as usual because we demand MoMA be accountable. Admit the mistake they’ve made and refuse any association with KKR. Marie-Josee Kravis’s presence on the Board is a hideous stain on one of the world’s most significant cultural institutions.”

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The target of the protests was Henry Kravis and his wife Marie-Josée. Kravis is the owner of the private equity firm KKR which has invested in the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline in Canada. The project is also accused of displacing the Native population from the region. Marie-Josée has been the chair of MoMA’s board since 2021. Together, the couple have also donated a significant amount to the museum.