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Credle transforms his sound and creates a new genius

What is it about change that makes people so opposed to it? Because most people are at ease doing what they have always done. They say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Psychologically, it’s not just that people fear change (though they do); it’s that they believe their approach is the best way without compromise. For a person to evolve, they must embrace change and follow a vision unseen by their peers, family members, or friends. Visionaries take calculated risks to reach their destination of greatness.    

The world of Hip-Hop doesn’t adjust to change well, and most rappers are placed into a stereotypical box. Hip-Hop is unlike any other music genre. Fans are diehard, and they expect their favorite artists to never change and make music that compliments their psyche. 50 Cent took a calculated risk with his mega-hit ‘Candy Shop,’ and he was labeled a genius. ‘Candy Shop’ generated millions of dollars and proved to be one of his biggest commercial releases to date.    

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Credle (formerly known as K.Credle) music career has been literally in overdrive since 2019. Credle’s music and business mentality create a precise degree of separation between himself and competition.    

Credle’s music production and specific lyrical content provide listeners with a mass appeal and unique creative niche sound. Credle’s latest single, ‘The Chase,’ goes against the grain of his classic recordings.    

The Chase’ highlights Credle’s musical versatility and capacity to reach multiple music genres. ‘The Chase’ is an up-tempo vibe record that encompasses dance, pop, and EDM flavor infused with Hip-Hop’s energy. ‘The Chase’ is receiving critical acclaim from FM Radio programmers, DJs, and major music executives. ‘The Chase’ is the new age Millennial Love Story for 2021. Credle is the perfect narrator of this musical journey and guides us through his vision.  Credle is CEO of Credle Entertainment, LLC and Global Brand Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.