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Crystal Sierra recreates her musical genius on Breaking Dishes

Everyone has a passion burning within themselves that never dies out. An eternal flame that pushes and challenges their creative genius to the total capacity. People are driven psychologically from desires in life, which generates an unconventional pathway to their dreams. Understanding your purpose in life guides a person through the darkest moments along the journey of destiny. Life never gives us all the keys or clues to be successful, and everyone enrolls into the school of hard knocks.    

The music business is a dangerous and mythical business model which commands an undeniable allure for all walks of life. Music is the world’s universal language and contains the power to heal, inspire, enrage, and motivate people to purpose. When a person has the ability to sing, their voice is a gift from God.    

Crystal Sierra is a decorated and upper echelon Hollywood actress. Crystal Sierra’s career in Hollywood spans over 15 years and includes blockbuster films such as Poetic Justice and more. Crystal Sierra currently has a reoccurring rule on the hit show ‘House Divided’ on the UMC cable TV network. Crystal Sierra’s first passion is music, and she’s returned to her roots in 2021.    

Her latest single, ‘Breaking Dishes,’ illuminates her Midas Touch to make Billboard hit records and empower all nationalities of women. ‘Breaking Dishes’ is receiving critical acclaim from FM radio programmers, mainstream DJs, high-powered music executives, and West Hollywood’s finest. Crystal Sierra’s track ‘Breaking Dishes’ provides women with a transparent blueprint to heal, reinvigorate, and transform their pain into triumph. Crystal Sierra is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.