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David Zwirner will open New Yayoi Kusama ‘Infinity Mirror Room’ in New York as it looks to have 100,000 visitors

David Zwirner, one of the top galleries around the world, is soon presenting in the New York Art Season’s most anticipated events. This means that we should expect a huge rush of the crowd to the event as well as there will be stories, photos and media content shared regarding the event.

However, we now know that the gallery is aiming for a lot of visitors during its flagship event. According to a report, David Zwirner is expected in excess of 100,000 visitors for the event this year which is significantly more than the attendance record of 75,000 people in 2017.

The gallery has a plan to achieve its target of having significantly more visitors as well. It has been revealed that there will be staging of a Yayoi Kusama exhibition with around 60 works, including paintings, sculptures, an installation. Apart from that, there will be an all-new “Infinity Mirror Room” as well. This new exhibition from Kusama is titled as “EVERY DAY I PRAY FOR LOVE”.

Talking about the exhibition, Hanna Schouwink, a senior partner at the gallery who works with Kusama, told ARTnews: “Every time Kusama has a show, whether it’s in a museum or a gallery, attendance grows,” and added that “The interest in her work continues to grow. People always think, ‘If I come Tuesday, there won’t be lines.’ For sure, there will always be lines.”

Schouwink added that “It’s very difficult to add to the language of painting; it’s a challenging proposition, Kusama’s somehow found a way to do that. She’s been making work for seven decades, but the work is evolving constantly. It’s a language that’s becoming more sophisticated.”

Schouwink also notes that “Infinity Room” is something that you should have a sensation when you enter one and it is exactly what you will have when you enter Kusama’s “Infinity Room” and says that it will “envelope the viewer”.