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Delmes & Zander, Known For Offbeat Artists and Exhibitions, Announces Closure

Delmes & Zander, the German gallery known for representing under-recognized artists and cutting-edge presentations, announced that it is permanently shuttering down.

In an Instagram post, the Cologne-based gallery announced that it will close by the end of October after its current exhibition ends. Signed by its owners Nicole Delmes and Susanne Zander, the post said:

“While societal progress is always fragile, times have changed, and we are delighted that the works of our artists have now found their place within the contemporary art context. Our thanks go to all of those who have accompanied us on our journey, by following and contributing to our programme over the years; who inspired, supported and encouraged us, and share our passion for art. Thank you for the memories.”

For more than three decades, Delmes & Zander had solidified its name as a place that always promoted up-and-coming talents, as well as offbeat artists. Some of the names that found a home at the gallery include Horst Ademeit, known for his Polaroid photography, and Dietrich Orth, who painted about his own psychological condition. A plethora of artists, who began at Delmes & Zander, went on to become mainstream and find solo exhibitions at major art institutions. The gallery was also known for its offbeat exhibitions, like the 2015 exhibition titled ‘Margaret: Chronicle of an Affair’ that listed items related to an affair between a businessman and his secretary.

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The gallery was originally founded by Delmes in 1988. In 2005, Zander joined the venture as co-owner, leading to the birth of Delmes & Zander in its present form. The gallery also expanded to a Berlin branch for a time.