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Di Rosa Centre for Contemporary Art becomes a Non-Collecting Entity, its board votes

The Di Rosa Centre for Contemporary Art will no longer be a Collecting Entity and it will instead become a Non-Collecting one. This decision comes after the board of Rene and Veronica di Rosa Foundation voted to cease collecting which centers in Napa, California. Also, the board has voted in favor of deaccessioning pieces from holdings of 1600 works in order to provide funding for the endowment of foundation.

It is also known that the centre which is a home to Rene and Veronica di Rosa will also hold on to more than hundred works which include works by William Allan, Robert Arneson, David Best, Joan Brown, Bruce Conner, Judy Dater, Jay DeFeo, Viola Frey, Robert Hudson, David Ireland, Paul Kos, Jim Melchert, Peter Saul, and William T. Wiley.

Explaining the decision from Foundation’s board, Robert Sain who is the executive director of di Rosa says that “This is a textbook example of completing the transition from a private individual’s extraordinary endeavor to it being a public-facing institution. … We’ve got a great program to deliver to the community, but in order to keep doing it, the board has made these important decisions.”

It is known that di Rosa centre of Art is a fairly visited place and it is reported to have an annual visitor count of 13,000 or more. Most of the works collected by di Rosa centre are from artists based in Northern California. Once the transition is completed, di Rosa’s focus will be on “dynamic and compelling exhibitions, integrated education programs, strategic partnerships, all with an eye towards experimentation, supporting artists, and commissioning new work.” says Sain, its director

It must be noted also that the centre has stopped collecting works ever since Rene di Rosa passed away in 2010. Now, the board decision makes it official that di Rosa centre has now become a non-collecting entity.