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Emma McIntyre Joins David Zwirner As The Youngest Artist On Its Roster

Painter Emma McIntyre will now be represented by the David Zwirner gallery, making her currently the youngest name in its roster.

One of the biggest galleries in the world, David Zwirner first worked with McIntyre last year for a solo show in New York. Even right now, the gallery has scheduled another exhibition with the painter at its Hong Kong location. David Zwirner, the owner of the namesake gallery, said in a statement: “Emma’s practice manages to fuse the new and the familiar in spectacular fashion. Her mark making and the pictorial intelligence of her compositions are rooted in the history of gestural abstraction, yet she manages to cover, with confidence, entirely new territory.”

It must be noted that David Zwirner will not be solely representing Emma McIntyre; they will share her representation with Chateau Shatto in Los Angeles and the Air de Paris gallery in Paris. Co-representation has become a new trend among galleries, as young artists are increasingly becoming reluctant to be solely represented by a single gallery. For instance, painter Raymond Saundersadded to Zwirner last month – would also continue to be co-represented by Andrew Kreps in New York.

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The 33-year-old Emma McIntyre has made a name for herself in a few short years, highly admired for her abstract art that deals with concepts like time and metamorphosis. In particular, her use of chemical concepts in her works ensures that her paintings change appearances over time. Born in New Zealand, McIntyre went international only a few years ago.