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Every Artwork submitted for Once-in-a-Decade Open-Call show will be displayed by Minneapolis Institute of Art

In a very unique announcement, Minneapolis Institute of Art has said that they will display each and evert Artwork that is submitted to them. However, the condition is that the Artwork should be under one cubic foot in size and the artists should be based in Minnesota. This is the popular “Foot in the Door” series by Minnesota’s Institute of Art which is returning for its fifth edition.

Once the Artwork submitted to the Institute meets the guidelines, it will be accepted and displayed during the unique exhibition. MIA’s fourth edition of this exhibition named as “Foot in the Door 4” took place in 2010 which was 9 years back from today and it attracted 100,000 visitors so we expect the visitor count to be much better this time around. Also, the number of Artworks displayed will be significantly more too.

When this unique exhibition was started by MIA in 1980, there were 740 artists from Minnesota who submitted their Artworks. However, the number rose up to 4800 pieces submitted in the last exhibition held in 2010. While more information about the submission process for “Foot in the Door 5” is not known, it will be placed on their website in January while the submissions will be accepted in Spring. This will be the fifth iteration of this unique exhibition which takes place once in a decade.

Nicole Soukup who is the assistant curator of contemporary art at MIA said that “We welcome all artists, from the amateur to the professional, to participate. Everyone is encouraged to share their work, and we look forward to seeing the diversity and enthusiasm of Minnesota’s artistic communities on display in our Target Galleries next summer.”

Nicole also added that “The exhibition quite literally enables artists to get their (cubic) foot in the door, often for the first time, at a major museum.”