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Exploring Boundaries: The Convergence of Thought and Vision at the ‘Un-Defined Sensibility’ Exhibition

From June 7 to June 29, 2024, the Sasse Museum of Art will host a group exhibition titled “Un-Defined Sensibility”. The exhibition is curated by Yuntong (Momo) Wu and judged by Shuai Xu and Gene Sasse. As an annual art event, “Un-Defined Sensibility” is not only a visual feast, but also a collision and exchange of ideas, aiming to explore and redefine the audience’s perception and understanding of art through diverse artistic expressions. The exhibition attracts artists and art lovers from all over the world, providing a platform for artists to showcase their unique creations while promoting dialogue between different cultural backgrounds and artistic concepts.

Poster of the “Un-Defined Sensibility” Exhibition

The exhibition features the works of distinguished artists, including Chi Haibo, Gumi Guihan Lu, Hao Ding, Peipei Li, Pingyu (Layla) Zhan, Sean Jiaxing Guo, Xi He, Xiaobi (Iris) Pan, Yasong Wang & Wei Wang & Hong Qiu, Yating Liu, Yizhen(Cassie) Li, Yuwei (Rita) Li, Zhaochen Vincent Wu, Zheng Ren & Haiyue Bai, Zhiheng Gong, Zhisheng Wu. These artists are acclaimed in their respective fields and bring a depth of insight into contemporary society and culture through their works. This exhibition not only serves as a showcase of contemporary art developments but also as a proactive exploration of future artistic trends.

The core theme of the exhibition, “Un-Defined Sensibility”, aims to challenge the traditional definition of art form and break the boundaries of convention and modernity through the rich and diverse creations of contemporary artists. The exhibition includes digital art, photography, painting, sculpture, video, and graphic design works, depicting everything from fantasy scenes of urban life to plants with complex lines and spaces between leaves, as well as abstract works that question the nature of perception.

Gallery view of Futuristic City, a painting by Yuwei Rita Li.

Through these diverse artworks, the exhibition creates a space for interactive dialogue between the inner and outer worlds, redefining and examining the subjective connection that art interweaves between the audience and the local community. The exhibition encourages the audience to redefine the established sensibility through their authentic sensibility, exploring the complexity and complementarity in contemporary society. This interaction not only enriches the expression of art, but also deepens people’s understanding and appreciation of art.

In this exhibition, the works of several artists are particularly eye-catching, showcasing their outstanding achievements and unique perspectives that challenge the convention. Yuwei Rita Li, a concept artist and illustrator with a high reputation in the gaming industry, showcases her work “Futuristic City”. The work imagines a city where futuristic architecture is integrated with historical architectural elements, showing the combination of classic aesthetics and innovation. “Futuristic City” has won the Iron Award in A’ Design Award, the Platinum Award in Vega Digital Award, and the Silver Award in JIA Illustration Award for its unique creative style.

A visitor standing in Under the Strange Sun, a painting by Zhaochen Vincent Wu

Another artist, Zhaochen Vincent Wu, is an award-winning concept artist and illustrator in the video game and film industries. He has participated in award-winning Marvel productions such as “Ant-Man: Quantumania” and “I am Groot”. His work “Under the Strange Sun” is set in a world where the sun is dying. By depicting this doomsday scene, it expresses a deep concern for real-world environmental issues. Through his work, Zhaochen Wu hopes to inspire people’s spirit of cooperation and innovative thinking in the face of global challenges.

The Sasse Museum of Art invites visitors to experience this visual feast and engage with creative perspectives and artistic expressions. This exhibition is a concentrated display of contemporary art and an exchange of thoughts between the artists and the audience. Whether one is an art enthusiast or a casual observer, each visitor is encouraged to discover their own unique art experience within “Un-Defined Sensibility”. All participating artists hope that every attendee will find personal resonance, redefining and exploring infinite possibilities of art.