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Former ICA Miami Director, Ellen Salpeter, moves to New York’s Westbeth Artists’ Housing

We have seen some moves that are interesting and some that are ‘oh so obvious’. While we are not sure where you would put this move, we are here to report about it nonetheless. Talking about the former ICA Miami Director, Ellen Salpeter, she stepped down last year from her role at the museum. After that, we did not hear back about her future projects but now we do. Ellen Salpeter is now known to have moved to the New York-based Westbeth Artists’ Housing.

Talking about Westbeth Artists’ Housing, this is a non-profit institution that is known for providing affordable housing and studio spaces to artists so that they can kickstart their career without feeling the burden.  Salpeter is named as Westbeth Artists’ Housing’s first CEO and President and she will be starting in her new role from November 1. She is said to have a focus on institutional growth and forging connections with other artist residency and housing programs during her tenure.

Salpeter spoke to ARTnews regarding her latest role where said that “It’s a nice time to reflect on [Westbeth’s] story, which is pretty extraordinary, but it also offers us an opportunity to look forward to the next phase of Westbeth and position us as a resource for a future generation of artists,” and added that “I think we have a fundamental role in keeping cultural producers in New York”. She also revealed that the organization will be celebrating its 50th anniversary year in 2020.

She added that “I think it’s really important for people to understand both Westbeth’s legacy and history over last five decades, but also where it’s going and that it’s still a very vibrant community,” and that “[we’re going] to work toward promoting Westbeth as a residential centre for the arts but also as a place for the community.”