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Getty Centre among museums to reopen after California fires

After battling the Getty fire, the Getty Center and Villa in Los Angeles are all set to reopen on Saturday.

The Getty fire, which scorched 745 acres of land in California, had forced the museums to shut down earlier this week. However, by Thursday, 39 percent of the fire was controlled and most of the mandatory evacuation orders were lifted. In response, the museums decided to re-open. A museum representative informed the press that no damage came to either the museum building or its artifacts. He also said:

“We are grateful to the first responders who worked so hard to protect our neighborhood, and we hope for a swift resolution to the remaining fires.”

In a similar vein, the Museum of Sonoma Country reopened this Thursday. The museum, located in Santa Rosa, was forced to close early this week due to the Kincade fire in Northern California. Jeff Nathanson, who serves as curator and executive director of the museum, announced that while the air quality had significantly deteriorated due to the fire, no harm came to the artworks in the museum. To make up for the closed week, Nathanson also declared free entry for visitors on the weekend.

The Kincade fire was much more devastating than the Getty one, spreading over 76,000 acres of land. By Wednesday, the fire was 60 percent contained and the evacuation order over some 140,000 residents was lifted. However, the Charles M. Schultz museum, also located in the region, would remain closed till further notice.