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Güz Erdem: The Jazz Musician In Focus

There is no time better than right now to fulfill your dreams. Perhaps this is the philosophy that Turkish artist Güz Erdem lives by. Most people live their life trying to follow one passion. Erdem seems to follow half a dozen. Jazz artist, singer, songwriter, photographer, and designer – there seems to be nothing that is beyond the grasp of this Turkish renaissance man.

His love for music is more recent than anybody could guess, Erdem is completely a self-taught musician, and what began as casual curiosity soon turned into a passionate affair. Particularly, Erdem was fascinated by the piece-wise structure of jazz music. He was fascinated by jazz pianists from the start, but his understanding of music theory gave him a newfound respect for the art. A particular fascination was towards the legendary American jazz artist Herbie Hancock. Erdem has since tried to imitate and incorporate Hancock’s style in his own music. One look at his works and you will notice the uncanny resemblance.

In his short musical journey, Erdem has churned out an impressive amount of music. So far, he was nine singles to his name. He also launched two albums. His body of work is now streaming at all major music platforms – Spotify, Youtube Music, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Deezer, and so on. He recently released his latest single, You Are Your Own Light. The uplifting song is based on the ideas of motivation and inspiration, resonating with his own philosophy in life. Erdem is a one-man band, responsible for everything that goes behind creating his music. It is not an easy task, especially when he has to perform live; but Erdem was never the one to be dissuaded by obstacles.

But music is not the only ace Erdem has upon his sleeve. Güz Erdem is also an impressive photographer, with an array of frames to speak for him. As a photographer, the Turkish artist has a distinct style. His pictures are almost always devoid of humans. The focus is on the tranquillity of the scenery, both natural and man-made. From the London Bridge to the fishing shore, Erdem finds beauty in all scenes. There is also a recurring presence of the skies in the pictures, forming a beautiful backdrop to all his works.

If you thought this was enough talent for a single human being, you are quite wrong. When he is not making music or clicking pictures, Erdem likes to dedicate some time to create 3-D designs. These designs range from functional products like a pencil case to simply beautiful structures like a castle. The residents of Turkey can actually buy these products from his website (hopefully, international patrons too can enjoy his art in the near future).

Erdem never used social media to create a “brand”, like most other artists in current times. Instead, he prefers to use it as a canvas for his thoughts. A look at his Instagram profile is enough to understand what it means. It is a mixture of his photography skills, Turkish history, and opinions on important topics. But most importantly, it is about things he loves – jazz, guitar, and English tea, to name a few. A profile fit for such a multi-faceted man.

As expected from a man of many talents, Güz Erdem has a very clear philosophy in life. He is a firm believer in experimentation in every walk of life. He believes that those who refrain from experimenting not only fail to achieve big things but also lose out on the valuable lessons life has to offer. Erdem is also a firm believer in the value of persistence. He says that no amount of hardship can stop those who have the perseverance and will-power to work towards their goals.

As for the future, Güz Erdem is certainly determined to create more music, even with the limited resources he has on hand. He wants to stick with jazz, which he believes he is quite good at. What it means is that jazz lovers have a new artist who is working hard on creating new gems in the genre. Güz Erdem should definitely be on the playlist of anyone who loves the good, old-fashion jazz music sprinkled with inspirational lyrics.