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Interview: Meet Model & Influencer Priscilla Ricart

There’s no question that Priscilla Ricart is a rising name in the fashion industry. Currently signed to powerhouse agency Select Model Management and based primarily in Los Angeles, Ricart has appeared in campaigns for an endless list of brands including Dolce & Gabbana, House of CB and Nivea.  Today we had the opportunity to speak to the stunning Brazilian Fashion Model who has over half a million Instagram followers and counting… 


What have you learnt as a Fashion Model and Influencer over the years? What advice would you give to your younger self?   

I have learned so much!  

Learned to appreciate the journey, to always be humble, to “fight” for what I want, to believe more in myself, to be strong, to always value my family because they are the main reason I got to where I am today and they are my base, to don’t be afraid of the unknown, that challenges are here to makes us grow, to listen to myself, that people can be so mean and rude but that says more about them than anything else… 

I would say to my younger self that I am so proud of her, that her journey is beautiful and everything happens for a reason, to worry less, to always believe in herself and to continue the way she is because she is an incredible person! 


You have worked with many powerhouse brands over the years including House of CB, Dolce & Gabbana, Sports Illustrated, Nivea and more. What brands are next on your bucket list?  

I am so grateful to have worked and to work with so many incredible brands that I have always dreamed of working with. 

There are many brands that I want to work with but some of my dream ones is to work with Victoria’s Secret, Vogue, L’Oreal, Versace… 


Influencer And Model: Priscilla Currently Has Over 650,000 Followers On Instagram


What has been your favorite modeling job to date and why? 

It was my first job after I signed with my first agency, was a runway show for MCD in Brazil. 

The show was in a Carrousel, my family was there watching me…but the feeling of accomplishment , the feeling of making my dreams come true is the biggest reason why it was my favorite modeling job. 

That job meant so much for me because I knew there was so much more in my journey and I am so proud and grateful for everything that happened since then. 


You have a substantial following of over 656,000 Instagram followers. Was there a turning point where your followers started to grow exponentially or was it gradual?   

I started to build my following over the years but I feel that things took a huge turn when I walked for the first time during Miami swimweek. 

 A lot of websites started to talk about me, many pages on social media such as instagram and youtube that was sharing my runway walk, videos and pictures of me. 

 It makes me so happy and grateful to see that people love my work and they want to see me thrive, having this support of my followers and having this community that I can share about my work and inspire people means so much to me. 


Supermodel: Priscilla Ricart Is Currently Signed To Select Model Management


What 3 tips do you have for an aspiring Instagram Influencer?   

Be yourself. 

Show your face out there. 

Ignore any kind of hate, people can be mean on social media sometimes but also so many incredible people showing love so always see the good and delete the negative. 


What apps do you use to edit your photos?   

I use the phone settings most of the time but I love Lightroom and Splice to edit all my videos. 


What Social Media Platforms are you currently on?  

I am on Instagram, TikTok and I am trying to dedicate more time create for youtube and share some vlogs talking about my career and work. 


Priscilla Ricart Shot By Gavin O’Neill


What do you think are some top social media trends to watch in 2022?   

I think the trend right now is TikTok and Reels… 

The videos are the thing right now in social media. People love it! 


How do you think Instagram has impacted the Fashion Modeling industry?   

In so many ways! 

We live in the technology era and everybody is online. 

 Before we needed to watch TV , buy newspaper, buy Magazine , go to the store to buy anything… 

And now we can do all that in one place, on Instagram. 

You can follow your favorite brand, models, bloggers, magazine and stay up to date on all the latest fashion news. 

Instagram became so big in the modeling industry because its a way of communication , advertisement , Its like your “own magazine”. 

For models we can use Instagram as an extension of our portfolio, allow clients and people that follow us to see more about us, about our personality and lifestyle. 

Creating a community on social media make more brands see you and use it as a tool to share their products with your followers and create a bigger audience for the brand. 

Instagram can open so many doors of opportunity . 


What is your current skincare routine?   

I love taking care of my skin and also like to change and try new skin care products all the time. 

I always make sure my skin is hydrated, I love using Vitamin C in the morning, serum and moisturizer and at night I repeat or I use some oil to hydrate or a sleep mask. 

As I said I like changing up a bit and feeling what my skin needs but one thing I always do is a facial massage every morning or when I feel like it. 

I use Gua sha stone to do the facial massage and now I also have been trying a facial toning device. 

And making sure I drink a lot of water. 


What 3 products can you not live without?  

1-Vitamin C E ferulic+b5 serum from Midsummer skincare 

2-Oil Reflections from Wella 

3-Sleep support from H-CBD (as I travel a lot this is one thing that helps me so much to relax and sleep during the flights, I literality don’t travel without it) 


You Can Follow Priscilla On Instagram @priricart