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Interview with Goth Artist Kobenz

The Art Insider recently had the opportunity to bring on goth rap Artist Kobenz on our platform. Following is our interview with him:

Hey Kobenz for the people out there who don’t know you, can you tell them who you are?

Hi, I’m Kobenz, I’m an artist from Minneapolis, MN and I like to scream about my exes.

How would you describe your sound?

Honestly, I get asked this a lot, and I never really know how to respond. I mean I’ve only released a few songs, so I’m not sure I even know my sound yet. I think at this point though, I know what I’m going for. It’s dark, seductive, raw, and primal. If I had to give a name to the genre I’d probably call it goth rap.

Ok, so I gotta ask, do you get compared a lot to Lil Peep?

Who me? Never! Haha, I probably hear the names Kurt Cobain and Lil Peep at least 20-30 times a day. A lot of people mean it as a compliment, and sometimes not so much. To be real, just to have my name in the same sentence means a lot. I think it’s pretty easy to tell they are both big inspirations.

Fair enough, so I’ve seen you have pretty impressive stats and only three songs. What do you attribute your success to?

Well, I’m f*cking crazy. I think that definitely helps. The rest I suppose is some hard work and a lot of luck. I dropped my whole life for this shit, so if it doesn’t work out I’m screwed. I think that’s the best motivator.

What do your family & friends think of your new career?

Well, I dropped out of my third year of nursing school to rap and scream about doing drugs, my toxic ex, and b*nging alt girls. I would say they handled it well!

You’re a pretty funny dude Kobenz. Last question; it’s been a couple of months, and you haven’t released anything new. What’s holding you back?

Damn, well this one is real. I’ve planned to have way more songs released by this point, but it seems like every time I go to record something comes up. Whether, it’s an illness, financial difficulty, or something else. I can’t seem to catch my breath. I’ll tell you this though, I’m working on three big projects right now. I’ve seen some rumors speculating in different articles, and I’m not prepared to say anything at this moment. I will say, that I’m dropping something this month. Kobenz, is back baby.