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Israeli archeologists have uncovered an ancient coin

The archeologist team in North Israel has found a bronze coin that depicts the zodiac symbol. It dates back about 2,000 years. The archeologists have discovered it near Haifa. The rare ancient coin belongs to the reign of Antonius Pius, a Roman emperor in Alexandria.

The coin possesses the term “year eight”. It refers to the 8th year (144 C.E. or 145 C.E.) of Antonius Pius’ rule. The coin is well-preserved, and it depicts a crab, the Cancer zodiac sign’s image. It is present under the portrait of the moon Goddess Luna.

The researchers think that the coin belongs to a 13 coins’ set marking every zodiac sign. So the set must have an ancient coin having an entire zodiac wheel as well.

It is the first time that something has happened like this on the coast of Israel. This coin is also an addition to the collection of National Treasure.

The Mediterranean shores and the waters of Israel have yielded several archeological sites. In addition, there is a connection between antiquity between the Mediterranean ports and other nations.

When the researchers conducted a maritime survey, they found the ancient coin. After that, the team had plans to locate, research, preserve, and document antiquities.

The coin was there near a hoard of several other bronze coins. So, there is a high chance that the coin has fallen into the sea due to a shipwreck.

The Israeli government has changed its perception of the sea. It is no longer a simple country’s border. It is an integral part of the cultural heritage of the state of Israel. Also, it is related to economic and strategic concerns and security considerations.

Something that Israel is focusing on preserving is its cultural heritage. The archeologists are making efforts to find out more things. Israel is already a place of rich culture and heritage. But earlier, it lacked ways to preserve them. But now, they are trying their best to own these things.