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Italian Artist Guido Rocca Opens Abstract Art Exhibition At Area35 Gallery, Milan

Guido Rocca (Milan, 1983), an exponent of the relationship between art and life, understands artistic creation as a social driving force. The artist gives lectures, meets with artists, and maintains a constant humanitarian commitment that has led to his appointment as ambassador for human rights for an association registered with the United Nations. His goal is to move a gentle and aesthetic revolution through art, a mission he also carries out thanks to the Call to Arts association, of which he is a founder and which brings together hundreds of artists. The artist has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows, enjoying considerable success among Italian and international collectors, which has led him to triple the value of his works within two years.

His latest collaboration is with Galleria Area35, which hosts his viewing room with his iconic abstract works in vivid and harmonious colours. His oil paintings maintain the material relief of the colour, veiling and giving the impression of a pictorial dance on the canvas. Life, movement, and colour come together, creating a contrast between chromatic harmony and the soothing energy of the painterly gesture. Abstractionism plays a primary role in Rocca’s research, with a bursting painting that is not afraid of the historical legacy of its medium and expresses itself with vigour and dedication, layering in plastic and rigorous passages of the artist’s imagery.

The pictorial index of reference is not provided by nature or by forms already known, recognisable and comforting to the eye of the observer, but rather opens up new worlds, inner universes, and a thoughtful reflection on the human condition. Rocca firmly believes in a reality that the vibration waves of art, although not visible, can reveal.

His colours are mixed directly on the canvas, without the use of a palette, and thus the final nuances are the result of the gesture of thousands of brush strokes that create new scenarios each time. The artist believes in the revelatory power of art and the inner transformation it can bring about. Schumann said: ‘To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts. Such is the artist’s duty’.