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Italy Grants €15M To Convert MAXXI Museum Into Research Hub

Last week, the Italian government announced a €15 million grant to convert MAXXI Museum into a sustainability and research hub.

The announcement came on Thursday by Dario Franchesini (Minister of Cultural Heritage, Italy). At a press conference at the Flamino Museum, where he was joined by Giovanna Melandri (President, MAXXI Foundation) and other officials, Franchesini unveiled the Grande Maxxi project. Under the initiative, the Italian government will provide aid of €15 million ($17 million) to the Rome-based MAXXI contemporary art museum. The goal will be to convert the Museum into an energy-efficient research hub. A multifunctional research centre will also be built at the Museum.

Speaking about the project, Franchesini said: “In our country, in fact, for too long there has been little space left for the present, for contemporary art, for creative industries.” He further called the new plan “a sustainable project and an investment in contemporary art, research and innovation.” The MAXXI Museum was opened in 2010, as the first public museum in Italy dedicated solely to contemporary art. However, over the years, the Museum risked closure numerous times due to a lack of government funds. The government is now seeking designs for the Grande Maxxi project.

The grant towards the MAXXI Museum is part of the €200 million funds distributed by the Italian government to 38 cultural heritage centres across the country. Other centres that received funding included the Royal Palace in Naples (€23 million) and the 19th century Iron Bridge (€14 million). Three heritage sites will be bought by the Italian government for around €12 million.