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Joan Weinstein named as Director of Getty Foundation

There has been a change announced by the J. Paul Getty Trust in Los Angeles. This change has been announced in Directorial position at the trust. And it is revealed that the new director of Getty Foundation will now be Joan Weinstein. The foundation of J. Pau Getty Trust is known to focus on making grants in field of visual arts. Previously, Weinstein was the acting director till now will become the director of trust replacing Deborah Marrow. This is because Deborah had stepped down from her role last year and since then, Joan was working as an acting director.

Since 1994, Weinstein is at the Getty and has been serving the trust in various posts during her lengthy tenure. Also the fact that she was serving as the deputy director of Getty trust since 2007 makes her the obvious choice for this position. Here is what she had to say on her appointment as a director of the trust:

“I am deeply honored to lead the Getty Foundation, The foundation has a strong legacy of supporting the greater understanding and preservation of the visual arts in our home city and around the world, but our work is far from done.”

Getty Trust’s president, Jim Cuno, released a statement on Weinstein’s appointment saying that:

“The Getty Foundation is committed to serving the fields of art history, conservation, and museums, and there are few people who understand the professional needs in these areas more than Joan Weinstein, Her deep knowledge of the visual arts and of strategic philanthropy has led to the creation of meaningful initiatives that have supported groundbreaking research and exhibitions, international scholarly exchange, training for museum professionals in sub-Saharan Africa, and so much more. ”

Among other works, the most notable of Weinstein’s contribution at Getty Trust was to launch the “Pacific Standard Time” which is an initiative throughout Southern California in 2011.