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Johnny Depp Continues His Foray In Art With Self-Portrait Series

After two series of paintings in the past year, actor Johnny Depp is now diving into self-portraits with his latest work, ‘Five’.

The self-portrait is based on silkscreen and archival pigment. Depp painted the portrait based on an image from a photoshoot for Sauvage, a luxury fragrance from Dior. He has already released a promotional video around the painting. According to the video, the work is titled “Five” to mark the fifth year since the “madness” – referring to the first time allegations against him were publically made.

Depp in the photoshoot of Suavage

Johnny Depp has been in a very public and controversial legal battle against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. In 2018, Heard wrote an op-ed in Washington Post claiming that Depp had abused her. Depp lost a defamation appeal against the British newspaper Sun, which had called Depp a “domestic abuser”. However, in one of the most talked-about legal trials last year, Depp emerged victorious when a US court decided that Heard’s allegations of sexual abuse were defamatory.

It was around the same time that Johnny Depp started venturing into art. He published his first work, “Friends and Heroes”, last year. This was followed by “Friends and Heroes II”, which was published in March 2023. Both series were silkscreen prints, made in a comic-book style, and featured people he has worked with and/or was inspired by. Some of the names were Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, and Bob Marley.

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The self-portrait would go on sale soon and is currently priced at about $2500, lower than prints from his previous series. Depp has also committed to sign every copy and donate 10 percent of the proceeds from each sale to Mental Health America.