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June Art Fair Announces 18 Galleries Participating In Upcoming Fair

The June Art Fair has announced the name of 18 galleries that will participate in the upcoming fair in Basel, Switzerland.

The full list of the participating galleries is: VI, VII (Oslo), Arcade (London & Brussels), Althuis Hofland Fine Arts (Amsterdam), Christian Andersen (Copenhagen), Downs & Ross (New York), Jens Kothe Établissement d’en face (Brussels), Ellen de Bruijne Projects (Amsterdam), Fabian Lang (Zurich), Foxy Production (New York), The Green Gallery (Milwaukee), Jacky Strenz (Frankfurt), Galerie Martin van Zomeren (Amsterdam), Meliksetian | Briggs (Los Angeles), Misako & Rosen (Tokyo), Parisa Kind (Frankfurt), Sentiment (Zurich), Stigter van Doesburg (Amsterdam), and Sydney Museum (Sydney).

A view from the 2021 fair

This year marks the 4th edition of the June Art Fair. The fair was founded in 2019 by art dealers Christian Andersen and Esperanza Rosales. A prominent even in Switzerland’s art scene, the fair acts as an important link between two other major art fairs in June in Basel – Liste and Art Basel. In 2021, the fair was hosted at the Messe Basel Exhibition Centre, a larger space that allowed for more galleries and viewers. However, this year the June Art Fair is returning to the bunker designed by Herzog & de Meuron.

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As per Rosales, the smaller space allows for “sharper curatorial selection.” Speaking about the fair, Anderson said: “It’s a place for curators and even collectors to make some discoveries.” Anderson runs the Christian Anderson Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark. Rosales is the founder of VI, VII in Oslo. Apart from the usual galleries, the event will also have a digital NFT exhibition on June Art Fair is scheduled to run from June 13 to June 19.