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Kadda Sheekoff Wants Haitian Music Industry Crown

Haiti is a country with untapped potential and under-appreciated artists. Despite a growing international media spotlight, the focus remains on the multi-million dollar pop culture icons (Wyclef Jean, Haitian Fresh) and collectives that have found global success. But within the underbelly of the thriving country, you’ll find a fully-stocked arsenal of musical talent, which includes the stage-diving, spa-going, 2020 Songdew Pause&Play winning singer Kadda Sheekoff

Kadda Sheekoff has been writing songs since he was 11, and his dream is to collaborate with such artists as Blanche Bailly, Stanley Enow, Yemi Alade, and Chidinma. Some of the sounds might be futuristic, with computerized pitch adjustment, robotic beats, and phantom backing tracks, but Kadda Sheekoff often sings about Love and Fashion, like a bad boy wooing a young lady whose parents don’t approve because of his clothes or hairstyle. Kadda Sheekoff has yet to release his debut full-length studio album, but expect it to have high-octane Afropop superstar guests.

“All My Life” is an easy-going bilingual love song that you might want to dedicate to the perfect French girl in your life during the quarantine. Don’t hold back! Check it out now below, and get to it. Regardless of what you do with the song after you hear it, it will be hard for you to keep your body from swaying.
It’s unclear whether Kadda Sheekoff plans on dropping more new tracks soon, but we’re hoping so. We need some more bops that might help us get through this self-quarantining period.

Kadda Sheekoff latest single “All My Life” IS OUT NOW: