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Lauren Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books Opens Children’s Minds to New Perspectives

“You are what you eat,” or so the old saying goes. In this day and age, perhaps a more accurate saying would be you are what you read — especially when it comes to easily impressionable children. The growing brains of the world’s youngsters are incredibly pliable, and thus nurturing these minds with positive and uplifting content is crucial to help them embody those very same qualities. As such, former schoolteacher Lauren Grabois Fischer has done her part to make optimistic lessons both fun and accessible for kids all across the globe through her collection of children’s books, The Be Books, encouraging kindness and hope in the process.

Having held writing as a lifelong passion, Grabois Fischer always knew she wished to author children’s books someday down the line. Nine years in the classroom and two kids of her own later, a little encouragement from her husband finally inspired Grabois Fischer to launch her own series, beginning with her hit book Be Who You Were Meant to Be. The massive success of the title, which promotes acceptance, individuality, and friendliness, led to the creation of The Be Books as a publishing house, founded with the aim of bringing light into the lives of children everywhere.

Now, with eight books total in the collection and a ninth on the way, Grabois Fischer’s works have covered a multitude of impactful messages vital for kids of the modern-day to integrate into their daily routines. Popular installments like The Zoo’s Big News covers themes like confidence and understanding of the differences in others, while You Are A Superhero instills values like respect and responsibility, with every book in the series providing a fresh take on encouragement for children to become the best versions of themselves possible. 

Written in an engaging and easy to follow format, not to mention accompanied by gorgeous and engrossing illustrations, Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books are a must have for families, libraries, and classrooms everywhere, instilling positive values into the minds of the youth one volume at a time.