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Liste Art Fair Announces 91 Galleries For 2024 Edition

The Liste Art Fair has announced the names of the 91 galleries participating in the 2024 edition in Basel, Switzerland.

The fair, which would run concurrently and at the same venue as Art Basel, would run from June 10-16. It will be held at Hall 1.1 at the Messe Basel. The online edition of the fair, Liste Showtime Online, would open for preview on June 5th and then run from June 10-24. Meanwhile, Liste Expedition Online is already accessible to viewers.

This year, Liste Art Fair will feature 91 galleries from across 35 countries, including Germany, the USA, Spain, Sweden, Mexico, and Greece. This is higher than the 88 galleries from last year. There would be 22 first-time participant galleries at the fair, including Yutaka Kikutake (Tokyo) and Silke Lindner (New York). More than 100 contemporary artists will be arriving at the fair to showcase their works. These include 65 solo exhibitions,16 group presentations, and 5 joint booths.

According to the press release, this year’s theme is the “complex relationship between humans and the environment”. The Friends Of Liste, a non-profit group based in the city, has also raised funds to support galleries like Bombon (Barcelona) and Cylinder (South Korea). The Liste Art Fair was founded in 1996 with a focus on discovering young artists of modern and contemporary art. During the pandemic, Liste Showtime Online was launched in 2020 as the digital alternative; since 2021, it has served as a platform for galleries unable to physically participate in the fair.