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Love Letters By Bob Dylan Fetch $700K At Boston Auction

Handwritten love letters and other memorabilia by Bob Dylan were a hit at the “Marvels of Modern Music” auction in Boston.

A single lot, consisting of 42 love letters by Bob Dylan to Barbara Ann Hewitt, sold for nearly $700,000. Dylan’s and Hewitt’s affair began in 1957 when they studied together. The letters were written between 1958-59 and consist collectively 150 pages worth of Dylan’s handwritten thoughts. The lot was bought by Livraria Lello, a Portugal-based bookstore. Each letter came with its own envelope. While the individual letters could have been worth much more, RR Auction decided to sell the lot together. A photo, considered the earliest known photograph of Bob Dylan, was sold for $24,361. A significant amount of memorabilia came from the estate of Hewitt, who died in 2020.

A young Bob Dylan

Talking about the letters, the description read: “the young Dylan reveals his dreams of changing his name and selling a million records, offers bits and pieces of poetry, and professes his never-ending affection.” It must be noted that there are high chances Livraria Lello might want to sell off individual letters, so collectors have a chance to get their hands on some of the most intimate thoughts of Bob Dylan, written in his own hand.

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The “Marvels of Modern Music” sale focused on memorabilia related to some of the biggest legends of American music. It included an original self-portrait by Edie Sedgwick, and a 1980 credit card that belonged to Prince. The auction closed on November 17th.