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Marko Stout, the NYC-based Artist is a Huge Influence Among Celebrities and Artists

The NYC-based artist Marko Stout has made a big name for his photography, paintings, sculptures, videos, and more. Not only his Artwork, but he is also known for his vibrant pop style which is New York’s finest.

He has also a major celebrity following that includes The Kardashians, Debra Messing, Billie Eilish, Melissa Etheridge RuPaul, and others. The collection record by the general public of his Art is also stellar. His shows also regularly sell out and his influence is seen to be getting bigger.

Stout describes his work as “immortalisation of pop glamour; a snapshot of those rare epiphanous vibrant moments when our realities can bleed color and juxtaposition. It stretches beyond encapsulation of aesthetic and extends to an offering of meaning and an extension of culture.”. This is perhaps the best way to understand his style and subject matter. He depicts the erotic and titillating with a vibrant almost neon spectacle. His home, New York City is also a major influence on his ideas and his work.

To summarize, Stout’s work creates an inextricable and unmistakable aura of reality steeped in bright colors. His work draws upon the human experience and lingers and stays with the viewer. His work encourages us to derive sustenance from reality and hold on to our senses.

In fact, Marko Stout is most often compared to Andy Warhol, but this comparison is not quite fitting. Where Warhol revealed through the screen-printing process the mass-produced, commodified nature in every facet of the culture, Stout defends the personal, the felt, the real. He draws in bright color a frame around that which can never be stripped away from the human experience: the experience itself.

Stout’s approach was fully pop art in his earlier work. His piece “Erotic Allure No. 16” is one of his many paintings that carry out an approach to a design crafted as much in Vogue as in art circles. Here he takes the commercialization of an intimate appeal and turns it on its head. He uses illustrated effects over images of models to celebrate the erotic, selling nothing. In a sense, he reclaims the ability to see beauty.

Marko’s works are showcased at numerous international exhibitions, private collections, and Fine Art galleries.  His solo galleries are spread across the USA – Chicago, New York, Miami. They are also located in Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, and Hong Kong.

We eagerly wait to see where he will go next.