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New Artwork by Maurizio Cattelan is a Banana and Duct Tape

Art has often been a topic of contention among the general public. Some consider it an expression of something inexplicable, while others label it simply pretentious. The thing is, both sentiments are actually true quite often. The prime example of this was seen in the latest work of Maurizio Cattelan.  

Maurizio Cattelan is a semi-retired artist, who last work was a gold-toilet called America (2017). If this doesn’t tell you enough about the artist, his latest creation is bound to leave no doubts. At Art Basil in Miami Beach, a certain banana remain stuck on the wall with duct tape. Located at the Perrotin gallery and titled Comedian, this piece of art is priced at $120,000. If you wonder who will buy it for a such a price, know this: Three such pieces were available initially, and two were sold on the opening day.

Naturally, the sheer audacity of the artwork has generated quite a buzz – and not just within the art circles. Media outlets gave it a coverage full of incredulity. As far as what it signifies, the art critiques are divided. Some see it as a satire of the art market itself. Over the years, we have seen some pretty uninspiring artworks fetching top bucks, while many genuine testaments of talents found no buyers. A banana perhaps captures that perfectly – it is common, it is lazy, and yet it is fetching top dollars.

Few others look for an environmental message behind the work. Many banana species have gone extinct in the past century. Even right now many others face the risk of extinction due to fungal diseases. Today, a banana is perhaps one of the most common things you can find. A century from now, perhaps, it could be a rare luxury only a few could afford and exhibit.