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Meet American Influencer and Model Summer Soderstrom

Summer Soderstrom is a 23-year-old American influencer and fashion model with over half a million Instagram Followers. Born in a small town in Maryland, Summer moved to Los Angeles to pursue modeling.  Over the years Soderstrom has worked with several powerhouse brands, including Pretty Little Thing, Yandy and Fashion Nova. Today we had the opportunity to chat with her 


What have you learnt as a Fashion Model and Influencer over the years? What advice would you give to your younger self?  

Your journey will be different than everyone else’s. Don’t compare yourself and your progress to others accomplishments. Stay true to yourself and never be afraid to speak up for yourself. Nobody is going to have your back more than you will.  

You have worked with many powerhouse brands over the years including Ignite, Black Tape Project, Manscaped and more. What brands are next on your bucket list? 
Yes, each one was such a cool experience. I really would love to do a fragrance campaign next! 


Bombshell Model & Influencer Summer Soderstrom


What has been your biggest pinch me moment to date?  
I just walked my first runway show with the black tape project so that is still pretty surreal to me!  


What has been your favourite modeling job to date and why?  
I shoot for Yandy a lot here in CA but actually getting to go to Phoenix, meeting the whole team and shooting with them for two days was so fun and I really loved it! 


You have a substantial following of over half a million Instagram followers. Was there a turning point where your followers started to grow exponentially or was it gradual?  
It was definitely gradual and didn’t happen overnight. Growing my social media to where it is now took years of creating good content, modeling and just overall being consistent with it.  


What 3 tips do you have for an aspiring Instagram Influencer?  
1. Be consistent 2. Make sure you’re engaging with your audience and people you follow 3. Create high quality content. 

What apps do you use to edit your photos?   

I have many editing apps but I find that the Adobe Lightroom app is my go to!

What Social Media Platforms are you currently on? 
Instagram of course, but I am also on twitter, Tiktok, Youtube and I also have a Facebook fan page! 

What do you think are some top social media trends to watch in 2021?  
Instagram reels and Tiktok videos really are what seems to be trending right now and I think that’s huge because it target a whole new audience. I mean you could have 0 followers and you post one tiktok video and all the sudden you have 5 million views and that’s such a cool concept to me. 

How do you think Instagram has impacted the Fashion Modeling industry?   

It has been really amazing to watch the fashion industry embrace diversity more now than ever and Instagram has made that possible. Especially with the pandemic there needed to be a lot of self-produced content and so a lot of brands added influencers.  


Summer Soderstrom in Los Angeles


What is your current skincare routine? 
My skincare routine is designed specifically for me by my facialist and it consists of cleansing my skin twice a day followed by several different serums and moisturizers. I also like to steam and exfoliate my skin a couple times a week followed by a good face mask.  


What 3 products can you not live without?  

The cream by Augustinus Bader, Masque Vivant Biologique Recherche and my jade roller 


You can follow Summer on Instagram @summersoderstrom