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Meet DJ Slice – Philadelphia’s Hip-Hop Artist Who Made It Big coming from Wildwood, NJ

The realm of music. Intoxicating and liberating in equal amounts. Throughout human history, music has remained an integral part of culture and civilization. Music can be an expression of emotions, a letter of love, a scream of revolution, or a stepping stone of innovation. The wonder of these melodious sounds has attracted countless individuals over the years, each with his or her own unique passion and flavor. Perhaps flavor and passion are exactly what Chris Rodriguez hoped to bring when he began his musical journey. Today, he is better known as DJ Slice.

The American artist began his journey in the early 2000s in Wildwood. A modest beginning by all accounts, Chris performed at private parties and nightclubs to make a living. Yet, his hopes were high and his dreams even higher. After frequent collaborations with DJ Master J and M&J Entertainment, he was offered a position as board operator by Bob Maschio of Coastal Broadcasting System. After gaining sufficient exposure to the game, Chris decided to step up his own. Thus, DJ Slice was born. He moved to Philadelphia, which would eventually become his turf, and collaborated with DJ TY of Unlimited Entertainment.

Since then, DJ Slice has been moving up in the world of music. After establishing himself as a DJ and hip-hop artist, DJ Slice forayed into hosting shows. He got his own live shows on 98.7 FM WCZT The Coast and 106.3 FM The Shore WJSE. With a desire to give larger wings to his clients for actualizing their vision for music, he created Wow Factor Entertainment. Fate always favors the brave, as could be seen in Chris Rodriguez’s life story. His humility and passion for music continued to make him bigger and offer larger opportunities. His first large chance came when he performed in front of more than 12,000 people at BeachGlow – an event that features the likes of Rainman and DJ 4B. But unlike many other hip-hop artists who get overblown after a taste of success, DJ Slice never forgot his roots. In fact, he continuously tried to give back to the community of which he was once a part. Recently, he launched his personal schwag collection titled “touching lives with positive vibes”. All the revenues collected from its sales would go to social helpers. In a time when show-off and vanity have become signature values for most music artists in the US, DJ Slice remains an inspiration.


Yet, the peak for DJ Slice’s career only began last year. While performing at the Old Skool Throwback Party in 2019, Slice came under the eyes of the great Stevie B, often dubbed the “King of Freestyle”. Slice was grateful enough just to meet the legend, but he had actually struck gold: Stevie B offered Slice to be his official DJ for his tours. This was the first time in his 33 year-long career that Stevie B ever had another artist be his DJ. But if DJ Slice thought this to be his pinnacle, he was soon to be proven wrong. A few months later, Stevie B asked DJ Slice to be a music director at his Royalty Radio. Around the same time, Slice was invited as a guest mixer on Globalization Channel 13 (affiliated with Pitbull) for an event that featured DJ Laz. In a year marred by a global pandemic, DJ Slice still managed to shine his stars.

The world of music has too many wonders, but it is not without its dark side. In such a place, artists like DJ Slice are truly rare; people who are not just talented artists, but also great human beings. Despite his success and recognition, DJ Slice wears his origin and humility on his sleeves. You can follow DJ Slice on his InstagramTwitter, Facebook,  or his official website.