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Model Sem Graham Shares How a Simple iPhone Can Change Your Life!

The 2020 pandemic has brought out so many hidden creators via social media, and eventually, their life took a new turn. It’s not surprising that the deadly combination of a good phone camera and a maintained feed can attract thousands of followers. You just need one thing: creativity. And now after one year of being inside the four walls, we are gifted with a bunch of influencers, big and small, crafting wonders. Whether with the help of images or videos or even Insta Reels. Such happened the same with the rising model and social media influencer, Sem Graham. 

After escaping abusive parents and an unhealthy home environment, she now earns thousands just by posting pictures on Instagram. Wondering how she did that, let’s dig down the roots and how she is what she is today.


Sem Graham began her journey as an aspiring model and moved up to doing runway showings. But life took an unexpected turn when she relocated to Utah from Florida. As she came to Utah, she discovered that there were no agencies ready to take new models. But she didn’t lose her confidence. That’s when she found out the power of a simple iPhone and how it renders her much exposure.

“So, in Utah, there aren’t many modeling agencies unless I was to move which I couldn’t because I had a little to no money and I was living in my car. But I had an iPhone with a camera and I knew I wanted to continue my path and social media was my way of doing so.”, said Graham.

She always knew she needed to achieve something extraordinary since her family life wasn’t that great. Not experiencing stable financial and emotional support, Sem Graham was preparing herself to be alone on the path. At the beginning of her 20s, Sem individually established her Instagram base with nearly 750,000 followers. At an early age, she already owns a home, and while it doesn’t matter much to some, it does mean a lot to her. She speaks of this as one of her best life achievements to date.

Once Sem is 26 years old, she hopes to graduate school and pursue her journey to a Ph.D. At present, she is a psychology student and an enthusiastic learner.


One of the most traumatizing incidents that happened in Graham’s childhood was when she was in a car wreck with her mother, right after her sister was born. Due to the accident, her mother lost her spine and took to drugs for comfort. Her unsupportive father even gave up on the family and ignored every responsibility. He used to even push away his wife by giving her alcohol and locking up in the room. All that was left were Sem and her little sister, being there for each other.

Father being involved in drinking and gambling and mother being mentally and physically abusive, Sem Graham couldn’t take it anymore and finally decided to move on and lead her own path. Before she finally got a fast food career, she had to sleep in her car. Sem began earning her reputation on Instagram, after asking her educators for petrol money and surviving on energy bars and tomato juice, and realizing that she could use this money.

Despite all the hardships she went through, Sem did really well in her high school. She tried to scoop out as much time as possible for her studies, extra classes, and part-times and changed herself into a full-time nerd.


Miss Delray Beach Teen gave Graham the much-needed exposure and limelight at the mere age of 16, which contributed dramatically to her further growth. It took just one video for her to be the face of Instagram. Thousands of followers kept coming in and kept raising the bar through the course of the day. Her source of cash is through charging her followers for her provocative content.

She also generates thousands from OnlyFans and Patreon web-based subscription pages, which are premium material accessible to fans. Sem uses social media to talk about the fight against fear, stress, PTSD, and trichotillomania, in order to raise awareness regarding diseases for others.

Whatever the way of earning is, money, at the end of the day is crucial for survival. Even though nowadays the netizens are quick to judge someone by their profiles and feeds, it is also important to keep in mind that not everyone has the same story and struggles. Sem Graham might be posting provocative content, but still, the same money is bringing food to the table; the very same money that has made her independent and gifted her a home of her own, away from the abuses. We are greatly inspired by her journey and hope that social media can help others in the same and give them the taste of freedom.