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Mona Lisa Attacked Again As Protestors Throw Soup At Painting

On Sunday, two protestors threw soup at the Mona Lisa – the latest in a series of attacks on the famous painting.

The two female protestors entered the museum on Sunday morning, though it remains unclear how they managed to sneak in soup (food items are prohibited near the artworks). Once inside, they threw orange-colored soup at the painting. No harm came to the Mona Lisa, as it was covered by bulletproof glass. This isn’t the first time the painting – perhaps the most famous in the world – has been subject to vandalism. In just the last two years, it has been attacked at least thrice.

After throwing the soup, they both stood beside the painting with their hands raised. One of them said, in French: “What is more important? Art or the right to have a healthy and sustainable food system? Our agricultural system is sick.” The two were quickly removed from the premises by the museum security. At first, the museum tried to cover up the attack by hiding the painting behind clothes screens; however, news soon broke out.

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The two protestors wore Riposte International t-shirts. The group is part of the A22 – an umbrella organization that is also composed of other groups like Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil. These two groups made headlines over the last two years for their frequent public demonstrations – including attacking museums and artworks.

However, the event on Sunday by Riposte International protestors seems more related to the ongoing agricultural crisis in France. Amidst complaints against low wages and green policies, farmers have been causing blockages across the country.