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NADA Announces 92 Exhibitors For 2024 Edition

The New Art Dealers Alliance has announced the names of the 92 exhibitors for its 10th-anniversary exhibition, scheduled for May.

Being the 10th-anniversary edition, NADA is obviously preparing to make this year’s exhibition grander. For starters, the exhibition will return to 548 West on the West 22nd Street in Chelsea. The sprawling 50,000-acre location was once home to the Dia Building (which moved across the street a few years earlier). The exhibition will be held on May 2-5; the dates clash with this year’s edition of Frieze New York, which has already announced its exhibitors.

Among the 92 galleries announced by NADA, there is a clear majority of New York-based names. These include the Hole, Dinner Gallery, Dimin, and Situations. There are also plenty of galleries from across the US and even beyond, including Bradley Estaskiran (Montreal), Volume (Chicago), KDR (Miami), and de Boer (LA, Antwerp).

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This year, 34 exhibitors will participate in the exhibition for the first time (compared to 31 first-timers last year). Last year NADA was held between May 19 – 21 last year and featured 88 exhibitors. It was also the first time the exhibition moved to its current location on 22nd West Street. For the upcoming exhibition, while certainly planning to expand its scope and reach, NADA is not making any major changes to the structure of the exhibition itself. The Projects Section would feature small-scale projects from smaller galleries or individual exhibitors. Some participants include Marta (LA), No Gallery (New York), and Rivarly Projects (Buffalo).

Heather Hubbs (Executive director of the group) said: “We are delighted to celebrate our tenth anniversary of NADA New York with our brilliant community of artists, dealers, and supporters.”