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Nathan’s Brother debut album gets remastered by Dave Darlington

Up-and-coming artist Nathan’s Brother has joined hands with Dave Darlington to release a remastered version of his debut album “Spot On”.

The young artist launched his debut album “Spot On” last year on various streaming platforms. The album was created single-handedly by him, from the composition and the vocals to the lyrics and the mixing. According to him, the album is built on music that belongs to the thoughts every common man has in his head. The songs range from alt-country and indie rock to Brit-rock fusion. His debut album was met with success and continues to be heard on streaming platforms. But now he has enlisted the help of acclaimed artist Dave Darlington to make the album even better. Darlington has remixed and remastered the songs of Spot On, which are now available in stores.

What truly makes Nathan’s Brother stand apart is his talent as a “one-man-band”. As a kid, he learned to play guitar and bass guitar. Later, he also learned to play the drums. He is also a trained vocalist and plays the piano as an amateur. And if you thought this was enough, you are wrong. Nathan’s Brother is also a talented lyricist and writes his own songs. He is also skilled in recording and mixing music. In simple words, the young artist can single-handedly perform everything that a whole band could. Such talent is truly rare, and this is what makes Nathan’s Brother a potential superstar in the making.

Nathan’s Brother doesn’t like to reveal his true name, as fame was never the goal behind becoming a music artist. He also says that his real name was “too long and too Dutch”, so he instead went for something simple. Why “Nathan’s Brother”? Well, he succinctly puts it as: he had a brother named Nathan. This level of minimalism would certainly make Marie Kondo proud! The singer was born in Haarlem in The Netherlands. He never thought of becoming a singer when he was a kid; he simply loved listening to music for the joy it brought him. As he grew up, he tried becoming part of school bands, but it never worked out for him. Ultimately, he decided to take things into his own hands and become the “one-man-band” that he today is.

Dave Darlington is barely a new name for the aficionados of music. Born in Harlem and grew up in Florida, Dave’s early years were marked by the melting point of musical inspirations. He learned both classical music on piano and bass, as well as rock and funk that was coming from Miami. His early inspirations included the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Wayne Cochran, and CC Riders. Darlington gained his Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the University of Florida. After brief stints with the symphony, he moved towards jazz and rock. During the 70s, Darlington started gaining recognition as a programmer. He started his own studio, Bass Hit, and moved towards independent work.

But Dave Darlington won the widespread acclaim he deserved in the 2000s when he started composing music for the HBO hit series “Oz”. For all of its six seasons, Darlington’s music was echoed by millions of fans. In 2003 Darlington won his first GRAMMY for mixing Wayne Shorter’s album Algeria. Then, in 2007, he won another GRAMMY for working on Simpático by Eddie Palmieri and Brian Lynch. His third GRAMMY came in 2019 for his work in Brian Lynch’s ensemble album Omni-American Book Club. He also won two “Golden Melody Awards”, the highest musical awards in Taiwan.

With collaboration with Darlington, Nathan’s Brother has moved one step forward towards making it big in the musical world.