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National Museum Of Women In Arts To Close Next Month For Renovation

The National Museum of Women in Arts, based in Washington D.C., will close next month for a major renovation project.

The historic museum will close on August 9 for a major renovation project that will be undertaken on its building. The construction works would begin on September 1 and is scheduled to last two years. The entire renovation project, which is worth $66 million, will be the first renovation of the famed museum since 1987. The renovation project will be handled by Sandra Vicchio & Associates, an architectural firm based in Baltimore. Talks of renovation first began early in the previous decade, with a comprehensive assessment in 2015 detailing the need and specifics of renovation.

Built in 1908, the building of the museum is classified as a Classical Revival structure by the National Register of Historic Places. As such, all renovation would be made in accordance with the guidelines set by the D.C. Historic Preservation Office. Some of the primary objectives of the renovation project are improved infrastructure, new spaces for research and educational programs, larger gallery spaces, and storage facilities. Some other changes include upgrading wireless and touchscreen facilities in the museum, better ADA accessibility for the visitors, and making an orientation gallery for the Great Hall. Located at 1205 New York Avenue, NW, the museum is only a few blocks away from the White House.

Regarding the renovation, National Museum of Women in Arts director Susan Fisher released a statement:
“This renovation will ensure that the museum continues to promote the contributions of women artists in ways that engage audiences and advocates of tomorrow.”

Sandra Vicchio, who is in charge of the renovation project, also released a statement, saying that the renovation is “all about positioning the museum for a triumphant future.