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New Jeffrey Epstein Documents Name Collectors Glenn Dubin, Leslie Wexner

Collectors Glenn Dubin and Leslie Wexner are named in the newly unsealed Jeffrey Epstein documents in a federal court on January 3rd.

Glenn Dubin is a billionaire hedge fund manager who co-founded the Highbridge Capital Management firm in 1992. Leslie Wexner is the founder of the prominent retail giant Bath & Body Works Inc. Both Dubin and Wexner are avid art collectors and prominent in the art world. Wexner and his wife Abigail funded the Wexner Center for the Arts at Ohio State University. Dubin is a trustee at the Museum of Modern Art.

Glenn Dubin

While conclusive, the revelation of their association is hardly new. As early as 2002, the New York Magazine ran a piece on the ‘weird’ close relationship between Leslie Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein –  including their mansions in the same neighborhood. In 2019, the New York Times published a detailed investigation into the depths of their relationship. The report stated how much influence Epstein had over Wexner’s finances, as well as his personal life.

In 2016, one of Epstein’s victims testified in court that Ghislaine Maxwell – the most prominent associate of Jeffrey Epstein – asked her to sleep with Glenn Dubin. In 2019, the feminist art collective Guerilla Girls protested against MoMA announcing to name of a gallery after Dubin and his wife. Further protests in 2021 sought the removal of Dubin and others from MoMA’s board.

The recently unsealed Jeffrey Epstein documents named a lot of prominent figures, including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Michael Jackson. While the document itself offers no evidence of actual criminal wrongdoing, it does solidify how many high-profile American figures were associated with the late sex trafficker. Neither are Leslie Wexner and Glenn Dubin the only art collectors associated with Epstein. Last year, collector Leon Black agreed to pay $62.5 million as part of Epstein settlements.