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New Jersey’s Painter Vaughn Spann is now represented by Almine Rech

We have seen many galleries announcing the representation of artists in recent days. Now, there is one more representation to add to this long list. Almine Rech has announced that they will now be representing Painter Vaughn Spann based out of New Jersey. This also adds to a previous report stating that galleries and art houses are looking to represent as many artists as possible. This is possible because they see an upswing in the industry.

Now, you might be aware that Almine Rech already has galleries in New York, Brussels, London as well as a newly-opened space in Shanghai. While it is known that Spann will be exclusively represented in Europe and China by Almine Rech, the same is not true for the United States. Because Spann is not exclusively represented by Almine Rech in the US. The other galleries representing Spann in the US are not known.

Almine Rech also announced that Spann will have his first solo exhibition in January 2020 at its New York space. Previously, Spann has shown his exhibition with the Night Gallery from Los Angeles and is also known to be represented by Half Gallery of New York. It is understood that Spann will still continue to remain represented by them.

Spann is known to have obtained the degree of fine arts from Yale University while he is originally from Florida. He does paintings mostly in the abstract and figurative expressions which shows his memories. He is famously known for his paintings named as “Dalmatian Paintings” in which he paints black splotches on a white canvas. His work also includes paintings that show ethereal rainbows.

Prior to being represented by Almine Rech, Spann’s paintings have been represented at many museums in the US which includes Newark Museum as well as Reginald Lewis Museum in Baltimore